Tests and experience show that just five years of progressive weakening, erosion, oxidation, and raveling due to water and weather damage most times reduces pavement thickness by as much as 50%. Prevent costly repairs or total resurfacing, which can cost as much as 10 times as hand sealcoating

Reduce Weather Damage

The Asphalt Institute states…”the accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is probably the greatest cause of pavement distress!” Sealing asphalt prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt structure

Retards Oxidation

The sun’s actinic rays hardens and dries out the asphalt surface. This accelerates raveling, erosion and can reduce asphalt thickness by as much as half in just 5 years

Protects Against Gas, Oil and Salt Damage

Only coal tar sealer protects asphalt against the highly damaging effects of gas and oil seepage and all other road chemicals, especially alkalis and winter salt

Beautify Pavement and Reduce Maintenance

Attractive slate-black appearance restores original color to asphalt and dries to an even-textured finish. Smooth, even surface of sealed pavement makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance simpler and cheaper.


Why you should hand-seal coat your parking lot:

  • Sealer lasts longer because there is more sealer applied per square foot
  • Brushes push and force the sealer into cracks and rough areas
  • Brushes allow the sealer to be evenly distributed
  • Manufacturers of sealer recommend hand sealing over any other method
  • Hands sealing a parking lot usually lasts twice as long as any other application

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I recommend Winberry Blacktop. Our driveway was sealed by them last week. The reason I went with Winberry over others (I contacted 5 companies, got bids from 3) was their approach of brushing sealant by hand, and repairs to crumbled spots. Brushing on the sealant give a more even cover –Andy Scott

  • Filled in cracks in asphalt driveway, sealed entire driveway with commercial grade sealer. Cut and removed broken area of asphalt at end of driveway. Edged grass along the entire length of driveway. We are very pleased. Brad came to give us an estimate on a Saturday and completed the work on the following Tuesday. There was a broken area of asphalt at the end of the driveway which he cut off and hauled away, leaving a clean straight edge at the end of the drive. The cracks were filled and the entire driveway was sealed. It looks smooth and even. The grass along the drive was cut away - he even walked the length of the drive and hand-picked away any remaining blades of grass. I asked if he'd use his edger along the front walk (not discussed in original estimate) and he did ($10 additional - a bargain!). It couldn't have gone any better. –Ruben M

  • Brad cleaned, filled cracks, edged the grass, and sealed the asphalt drive. The job was neat - no coating on anything but the driveway.

    I got Winberry Blacktop Seal from Angie's list which again proved successful. Brad came when the rains subsided and with all of the necessary equipment for cleaning and sealing. We left before he finished but the job turned out great.

    –Larry A. - Biltmore Lake, NC